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Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping | Burnley Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service

Too often, we fail to maintain our septic tanks and only call a professional when pumping becomes an obvious requirement.

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Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning | Burnley Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service

A properly functioning sewer system is an extremely important part of every home. Proper maintenance is an important aspect...

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Septic Tank Installation

Septic Tank Installation | Burnley Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service

If you are building a new home or having problems with an existing system we have more than 40 years experience and our friendly...

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Family Owned and Operated Business Since 1971.
Licensed, bonded, and insured, we specialize in septic tank and grease trap pumping, installation, and repair. We do Residential and Commercial work.

Welcome to Burnley Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service

Are you tired of having to constantly plunge your toilet? Have you noticed water backing up in the sink or tub? You most likely have a septic issue. When your septic system gives you problems, you want to have it taken care of right away by an experienced team of professionals. When you call Burnley Sewer & Drain Service, we get to your site as soon as possible to start fixing the problem. If your home is suffering from sewer issues, you can't wait. You need help now!

Our knowledgeable and friendly team has been fixing sewer-related problems around the Augusta area for years. Whether your septic tank needs to be pumped, cleaned, or repaired, our crew can handle it. Do you need a new septic tank installed? Our team can efficiently handle that task and get the new septic system operational.

Unfortunately, we often don't think about our septic systems until they are giving us problems. Then, we panic trying to find someone to come out and help us right away. Here at Burnley Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service, we are accustomed to those emergency calls. We are always ready to come out and take care of the problem.

If you operate a restaurant and need to have your grease trap emptied, we also offer grease trap pumping and cleaning services. So, whether you need septic tank pumping, septic tank cleaning, or septic tank installation and repair, you can count on the experienced team at Burnley Sanitary Sewer & Drain Service. What are you waiting for? Call us now!

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